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Men's Roper Faux Pirarucu Square Toe Boot

STYLE 0902070178419TA-7 D
by Roper
Original price $232.99 - Original price $232.99
Original price
$232.99 - $232.99
Current price $232.99

Square Toe Embossed Burnish Tan Pirarucu Vamp * Vintage White Leather Shaft * 11" Shaft * Double Welt * All Leather Lining * Leather Walking Heel * Leather Outsole * REST Removeable Insole* ¾ Welt Sole With Nails And Lemonwood Pegs

Introducing our Men's Roper Boots - the embodiment of rugged workwear infused with Western craftsmanship. These boots aren't just a choice; they're a testament to hardworking men who demand nothing but the best.

Key Features:

1. Timeless Western Build: In every pair of Men's Roper Boots, you'll feel the spirit of the American frontier. The intricate detailing and classic design exude the kind of swagger that's as rugged as the West itself.

2. Premium Leather Fortitude: Crafted from top-tier leather, these boots mean business. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures they endure the harshest conditions, making them your reliable partner on the job.

3. All-Day Comfort, No Compromises: A man's work is tough, and so are these boots. With advanced comfort technology, they provide the arch support and cushioning you need to power through the day without a second thought.

4. Built to Conquer Anything: Roper Boots are engineered to face challenges head-on. Whether you're on the worksite or tackling everyday obstacles, these boots are your unwavering allies.

5. Versatile Style for the Modern Man: Designed to transition seamlessly from work to leisure, Men's Roper Boots adapt to your style, whether it's rugged cowboy flair or contemporary practicality. They're the epitome of versatile, hardworking fashion.